A 19-year-old Moldovan was stabbed to death in Italy

Murder on Wednesday night in Florence: the victim is a 19-year-old of Moldovan origin who was rescued on the street near the train station and later died at Santa Maria Nuova hospital, Italian media report

The young man was allegedly stabbed: hit by at least one stab wound, he was seen dying on the ground in Largo Alinari by passers-by who called the ambulance and police. Taken to hospital, the 19-year-old did not survive.

The search for the killer was immediately activated.

The mobile squad is investigating and the forensic investigation is ongoing: among the hypotheses that have not been ruled out is that the fatal attack could be linked to drug-related problems. Although other leads are not excluded.

Several people have been detained for the crime, and have been identified thanks to surveillance cameras.

On Thursday morning, five young people were taken to the police station: the killer could be among them.

This is not the first time violent episodes of this kind have occurred near the Santa Maria Novella area. The last case occurred in January, when a 33-year-old Algerian man, already known to the police, was arrested for grievous bodily harm after stabbing a 47-year-old Romanian.


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