Convicted of sexual abuse

The Balti court sentenced a citizen of Italy to 15 years and six months in prison for sexually abusing six teenagers. The defendant was extradited from Italy to serve his sentence here. According to the investigation, the crimes were committed between 2009 and 2011.

A statement issued by the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organised Crime and Special Cases said that the defendant had made several visits to Moldova under the pretext of providing humanitarian aid to poor families and orphanages. The individual acted together with a friend. Both were under 60 years of age.

PCCOCS PRESS RELEASE: “They met the first, older teenager in a transport company. After asking him if he would like to earn money, the men offered him a phone and money. On his next return to the Republic of Moldova, one of the men bought the minor winter shoes, after which he made a first unsuccessful attempt at sexual abuse. A year later, he repeated the attempt and paid the teenager 600 lei and a bag.”

Subsequently, the defendant threatened the teenager that he would disclose the sexual intercourse if the young man did not identify other boys in the village for the same purpose. The victim introduced them to a 15-year-old boy from a poor family. He received 400 lei for touching the defendant’s organ and was also abused, the source said.

PCCOCS PRESS RELEASE: “Other children who were abused followed. They were sexually exploited both in the apartment rented by the two men and in the home of a teenager, as well as in a boarding house. The two men paid the teenagers between 200 and 800 lei.”

As part of the case, prosecutors carried out several searches of the apartment rented by the accused, where evidence was found. The man was placed in custody for 30 days. However, after the expiry of the arrest period, he left the Republic of Moldova, ignoring the obligation to appear in court. The individual was sentenced in 2021, even though he failed to appear after being summoned repeatedly.

At the request of the Chisinau authorities, the defendant was extradited from Italy to serve his sentence here for child trafficking and child pornography. The second suspect has been announced as an international wanted person.

Source: jurnaltv.md

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