New measures for transporting pupils to schools

Children attending a school other than the one in their locality of residence and more than 2 km away will be provided with free transport.

At the same time, teachers who accompany pupils on school trips will receive a special allowance. The new provisions are contained in amendments to the Regulation on Pupil Transport and were approved today by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Another amendment concerns the possibility for each educational institution to contract the transport units of licensed transport operators.

Also, buses and minibuses owned by the educational institution may be used to transport pupils, not only those managed by the local education authority or the local public administration authority. At present, 451 educational institutions in the country transport children from 1 112 localities.

Of these, more than 700 are transported to kindergartens, about 20 000 to secondary schools and more than 3 000 to high schools. Pupils are transported by 412 school buses and 89 transport units under contract with transport agents.




source news.ungheni.org

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