This month we switch to summer time.

The Republic of Moldova will switch to summer time on 31 March, the last Sunday of this month. Thus, on the night of Saturday 30 March, the clocks will be changed one hour earlier, and 03:00 will become 04:00.

The changeover to summer time is also taking place because our country’s economy is connected to some elements of the European Single Market through the Moldova-EU Association Agreement.

The changeover to summer time is aimed at making the best use of sunlight from April to October. At the same time, several medical and psychological specialists argue that the switch to summer time can influence the health and mood of many people, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses.

According to them, during the few days leading up to the transition from winter to summer time, more rest and proper nutrition are recommended. Chronically ill people should be as careful as possible with their ongoing treatments and try not to interrupt them.

The changeover to summer time is being carried out in line with the proposal of the UN’s European Economic Commission and in conjunction with EU Member States.

In March 2019, MEPs voted to abandon the time change in the European Union from 2021. Each EU member state will thus be able to choose whether to remain on permanent ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ (standard) time.

source: moldpres.md

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