Identity cards will be replaced by ID cards

Identity cards will be replaced by ID cards that meet European security standards. Foreign citizens will also receive residence cards, which will replace residence permits and identity cards issued to foreign citizens. A draft law to this effect was approved today by the parliamentary committee on national security, defence and public order, reports MOLDPRES.

The draft law was drafted by the Public Services Agency with the aim of harmonising national legislation with the European Union acquis and continuing the process of digitisation of public services.

The identity card will be compulsory for all Moldovan citizens from the age of 14. It will also be available for travel under international agreements. Currently, Moldovan citizens can travel with their ID card to Turkey and Ukraine.

Both the identity card, the provisional identity card and the residence card will be written in Romanian and English. The content of these documents will not contain information about the holder’s residence or temporary residence. These data will be available on the government platform MConnect. This will prevent holders from having to change identity documents when they change their place of residence.

Identity and residence cards contain data in printed and technically embossed format, data in electronic format, as well as personalisation and security features. They will be issued with different validity periods: four years for people aged 0-7 years; seven years for people aged 7-14 years; ten years for people aged 14-70 years and unlimited for people over 70 years.

The electronic data storage medium will be incorporated in the identity and residence cards, which will include both the data in paper format and biometric data (facial image, fingerprints), as well as means of qualified electronic signature and public key certificates. This will make it easier for document holders to access e-government and e-business services.

Once adopted, the legislative changes will enter into force no later than 31 March 2025.


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